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I have a message to share with you. 


It’s never too late to go after your dreams.  It’s never too late to achieve success.  It’s never too late to transform your life into something more. 

Most of us have a picture in our head or a story that we tell ourselves about what our life is supposed to look like at certain stages.  For some, that story plays out exactly as planned.  For others, there are some plot twists. 



Sometimes we get so caught up in what we should have done, would have done or could have done (what I call the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s) that we lose our focus on the bigger picture.  Leaving us with a deep sense of regret, which can sometimes develop into depression and other unwanted health conditions.

Holding on to the belief that you are made only of old experiences disconnects you from Divine guidance and higher vibrations. 


Your past does not define you.


Have you ever experienced any of these feelings?

  • Do you dread going in to work more days than you don’t?
  • Are you Living in the past or dreaming about the future? and forgetting to live in the present?
  • Have you felt jealous of other people’s success?
  • Do you wake up feeling tired?
  • Do you find that you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop?


If you are experiencing any of these feelings, you could be on the verge of spiritual awakening.  You are literally standing on the precipice of a new beginning!


Now is the time to change your story from one of surviving to thriving!


  • Create financial freedom.
  • Have a rewarding career.
  • Travel.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.   
  • Free yourself from judgment.
  • Bounce back from disappointment.
  • Conquer stress and overwhelm.
  • Re-ignite your flame of passion, excitement, and love of life.
  • Reclaim your dream!


If you have the courage to take the leap, I can show you how to give your story an alternate ending and transform your life into something more. 


More abundance

More happiness

More freedom

More Confidence

More prosperity


Trying harder isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more.  There is an EASIER WAY to turn your visions, hopes, and dreams into reality. 


If you’re ready to end the struggle, stop settling for surviving and start thriving, take the first step right now by downloading my free gift, 5 Steps to Finding and Living your Life Purpose, Starting Now.  With this guide, you will learn to identify what’s missing in your life and develop new ways in which you can feel whole and complete.  Simply enter your information in the box to the right and receive this as my gift to you. 


So often, we try harder at what’s NOT working and then when someone is there to help us, we refuse help.  I’m here to offer my help to guide you to the solution if you allow me.  By entering your name and email in the box to the right, you will immediately receive a copy of 5 Steps to Finding and Living your Life Purpose, Starting Now.  And, as a bonus, you will also receive a free guided meditation to help you reduce stress and increase your sense of wellbeing and connectedness to a higher source. 


If you prefer a more personal approach, I would love to speak with you.  Please click here to schedule your initial Discovery and Strategy Session.  This is a $200 value.  However, I am happy to cover the cost as my way of saying thank you and congratulations for taking this important first step.   


You have nothing to lose, book your session now.



Where will your story take you? 
















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As a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, returning to the working world seemed to be a daunting challenge.  Vickie's coaching and support have shown me how to not just succeed, but thrive and move joyfully into this new phase of my life. Her techniques and suggestions have allowed me to access the potential that I knew was there, but that seemed to remain slightly out of reach.  I've been able to release fears and doubts, leaving my psyche free to engage creatively with my chosen profession and other endeavors.  I'm thrilled to have found Vickie, and grateful and honored to have the opportunity to work with her. 

Karen Stefonek
Alameda, CA (San Francisco Bay Area).


I have only been working with Vickie for a short period of time, but with her help and guidance have developed a much more positive outlook and feeling of abundance. She's opened me to the feeling of gratitude for all that I have and the realization that everything happens for a reason, and that we need to grow learn from all of our experiences. When we are truly grateful for what we have in our life, it can attract more of what we want or need. I was just offered a job position that I can definitely benefit from both financially and personally.

Beth Bowman, Ohio


Vickie is resourceful, engaging and knows how to dive deep into the matter. Not only does she ask the right questions, but she gets me - she's empathetic. She gets me. I enjoyed working with her and am proud to say that I'm on the path to getting what I want, thanks to her.

Sonal Mukhi, Florida

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