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Hi, my name is Vickie.

I led a fairly typical life of devoted wife and mother. I left the corporate world when my children were young and chose a career where I could work from home.  My husband made a comfortable, stable income and, while I still wanted to contribute, I also wanted to be more involved in my kids’ day to day lives.  I used the skills I already had and started a home-based business as a transcriptionist.  While working from home I was able to serve on the PTA, be a Girl Scout leader, attend my son’s swim meets and I was there to help my children navigate the difficult path of growing into adulthood.  Then, while our children were still in high school something happened that was outside of my control and nearly tore me apart. 

My husband was injured on the job and became disabled.  I assumed the role of caretaker and head of household during his long road to Recovery. We faced financial disaster, emotional exhaustion, and many complex family issues.   It literally knocked us all off course.  Our world was turned upside down.  My business was great for extra income, but it was my husband’s job that provided the real meat and potatoes.  There were many sleepless nights filled with anxiety, doubt, worry and even anger.  We had built a comfortable life for our family and over the following years, we watched it slowly fall apart.  I knew that if we were ever going “get back” to where we were before I had to make some significant changes to my business.  But I was already feeling so overwhelmed with my life as it was, I just didn't know what to do or where to start.  How was I going to find the time or the money I felt I needed to invest in my business? 

So, I invested in a life coach. Through coaching, I learned how to trust in and tap into my full potential, the infinite energy and wisdom that comes from understanding and developing strategies based on the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws.  I started applying what I was learning to my own at-home business and it was working!  I decided to go back to school and I became a Certified Life Coach so I could help other's do the same.  I now have two beautiful healthy happy grandchildren that I love to spend time with, I have a successful transcription business and coaching practice where I teach others to apply the same principals and techniques that I have learned to create a thriving home-based business and happy fulfilling family life. 



My life coaching techniques help you to clarify your path and purposefully adapt the strategies that allow you to achieve your goals.  As a law of attraction life coach, I have been trained to assist my clients with compassionate listening.  I am able to walk with you in your situation as an observer, another set of eyes and ears.  I make no judgment about your situation, your dreams or your ideas because I know that you are in exactly the right place for you at this moment.  Different than a therapist, I am here to guide you to the answers you already have within you.

I honor my clients with respect, motivation, and support.  The relationship I have with my clients is honoring, supportive and dynamic and ends with success for the client so they can step into their life with confidence and with the tools to make their dreams come true.












As a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, returning to the working world seemed to be a daunting challenge.  Vickie's coaching and support have shown me how to not just succeed, but thrive and move joyfully into this new phase of my life. Her techniques and suggestions have allowed me to access the potential that I knew was there, but that seemed to remain slightly out of reach.  I've been able to release fears and doubts, leaving my psyche free to engage creatively with my chosen profession and other endeavors.  I'm thrilled to have found Vickie, and grateful and honored to have the opportunity to work with her. 

Karen Stefonek
Alameda, CA (San Francisco Bay Area).


I have only been working with Vickie for a short period of time, but with her help and guidance have developed a much more positive outlook and feeling of abundance. She's opened me to the feeling of gratitude for all that I have and the realization that everything happens for a reason, and that we need to grow learn from all of our experiences. When we are truly grateful for what we have in our life, it can attract more of what we want or need. I was just offered a job position that I can definitely benefit from both financially and personally.

Beth Bowman, Ohio


Vickie is resourceful, engaging and knows how to dive deep into the matter. Not only does she ask the right questions, but she gets me - she's empathetic. She gets me. I enjoyed working with her and am proud to say that I'm on the path to getting what I want, thanks to her.

Sonal Mukhi, Florida

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